General Information


Mastichari is located 22 kilometers west of the town of Kos. The port is the sea link with Kalymnos which is directly opposite, and the beachside area is now a modern tourist resort.


The ruins of an early Christian basilica with its beautiful mosaic floor a short distance from the sea is one of the features. Many possibilities to stay in the small settlement around the harbor and the surrounding area.At Mastichari guests among others will find peace, quiet and calm, but good food at very popular fish restaurants, which are located just 20-30 meters from the sea and offer apart from fresh fish and many tasty combinations of seafood.

To emphasize here that Mastihari is famous for its fresh fish and seafood as many fishermen have established it as a home port so whatever you eat at noon is the morning's catch. The beach at Mastichari has characteristic white sands and the clear waters have a distinctive blue color that makes  you feel that you are in some exotic part of the Pacific Ocean.